market (plural: markets)

  1. City square where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise.
    The crowds at the market were quite noisy.
  2. Place where you can buy something.
    We"re going to the market to get some fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. Place where trading goes on.
    There was heavy trading of stock in the market today.
  4. Group of customers that possibly want to buy your product.
    We believe that the market for the new widget is the older homeowner.

6 letters in word "market": A E K M R T.

No anagrams for market found in this word list.

Words found within market:

ae ake am ar are aret ark arm armet art at ate ea ear eat em er era erk et eta ka kae kam kame kart kat kea ket keta kram ma mae mak make maker mar mare mark mart mat mate mater me meat merk met meta rake ram ramet rat rate re reak ream rem ret ta tae tak take taker tam tame tamer tar tare te tea teak team tear term tram trek trema

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